Monday, February 23, 2009

Where is the Voice of Innovation?

I’ve never before experienced a time when so much negative news dominated the airwaves. Sure, I know we’re facing tough economic conditions. I know the situation is bad. I know that conditions will likely deteriorate further before improving. I get it. So, now it’s time to shut up, get tough and push forward. Tune out the negativity, and remember that change brings opportunity for those who embrace it.

It’s time to get creative, and make some positive noise. Every day, I talk to CEOs that are developing new strategies, new ideas, new concepts and ways of doing. That’s what we are. That’s what we do. The greatest strength of America, the true power of the U.S. economic engine, is innovation. Let China make it. Let India service it. Let Germany precision-engineer it. We are the innovators, the idea creators, the wild spark that flies into the night, the break through artists. But amidst this economic chaos, too many are focusing far too much on licking their wounds, instead of breaking new ground.

Right now, there exists a tremendous opportunity for innovation to be heard. We as a nation need new solutions, right now. If your company has recently developed something new, is working on something new, get the word out, right now. A black hole has surfaced, one which used to be filled with regular dialogue about innovation, new ideas and breakthroughs. That conversation has all but stopped. If you have something going on, tell the world. Right now, your news will get more attention than it might have two years ago, because few others are stepping out to garner attention with the words of innovation.

Capture the spotlight and become a little bit famous in this infamous time with the illumination of big ideas. Remember that you are American. If you are reading this, then you, like me, are also entrepreneurial at heart. It is our fighting spirit, our killer apps and big ideas that will drive us through this period. Don’t wait for the government. Don’t wait for big corporate. Don’t wait for anything. Drive the machine of innovation forward. Be an agent of change. Deliver spirited ideas when they are needed most, and garner the due attention deserved.

With online communications and social media, your ideas, your positive noise, will spread like wild fire through the growing wilderness of bleakness. Our nation is thirsty for innovation. Branding is the voice of innovation. If you have the next great story to tell, but lack the means to deliver the message, give me a call. At Delia Associates, we love talking to people who radiate positive energy, especially in the face of adversity.

Make no mistake. We are at war. The enemy is not the economy. It is not big business, the auto makers, banks, mortgage companies, or any other tangible entity. This enemy is an amorphous force containing fear, self-doubt and hopelessness, and it must be confronted and conquered one-on-one. Do not compromise your fighting spirit. It has been some time since we Americans have played the underdog. This is a time to command your will, spirit and energy and deliver your innovation message. This is a time to rise, and remember that you are American. Not only made from big dreams and great ideas, but the toughest stuff in the world.

Inspiration for this Entry: “Eleven seconds, you've got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now! Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles? Yes!” – Al Michaels, reporting the final seconds of the U.S. Hockey Team's victory over the Soviet Union Team during the 1980 Winter Olympic Games